Walmart Selling Intermodal Assets to J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt will purchase intermodal containers and fleets from Walmart to better deliver goods at low cost and carbon footprint.

J.B. Hunt’s purchase of Walmart’s intermodal assets further secures the company’s position as an industry leader in intermodal transportation.

Video Spotlight:  

This post is based on the Railway Age article, J.B. Hunt to Purchase Walmart’s Intermodal Assets, by Carolina Worrell, February 23, 2024, and the YouTube video in the Spotlight. Image source: Frank and Helena/Image Source

Discussion Questions:

1. What kind of transportation service is provided by J.B. Hunt?

Guidance: J.B. Hunt provides intermodal transportation services for customers like Walmart. Their specialty is in converting over-the-road shipments to rail as the company has a long-term partnership with leading rail providers such as BNSF Railway.

2. What advantages does the purchase of intermodal assets from Walmart bring to J.B. Hunt?

Guidance: J.B. Hunt’s purchase of Walmart’s intermodal assets secures Walmart’s commitment to use its intermodal transportation services, and confirms its leadership position in operating one of the largest intermodal fleets in the world.

3. What does the sale of intermodal assets to J.B. Hunt mean for Walmart?

Guidance: The sale of intermodal assets by Walmart signals the company is depending more on J.B. Hunt as its intermodal transportation service provider. It also means that Walmart will focus more on its core competency as a low-cost retailer.

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