The Many Benefits of Healthier Building Design

December 9, 2020
The Many Benefits of Healthier Building Design

The pandemic has stimulated corporate interest in redesigning workspaces with better air filtration systems and more sustainable materials.

The concept of bringing the health benefits of the outdoors to an inside environment is called “biophilic design”.  Benefits include lower energy costs, healthier workplaces for employees, and overall improved office productivity.

Video Spotlight: 

This post is based on the CNBC article, Bringing the outside into the office: Coronavirus bolsters push towards healthier building design, by Emma Newburger, October 17, 2020, and the YouTube videos in the Spotlight. Image source: iurii/Shutterstock

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe how the servicescape features from the article influence work productivity.

Guidance: Students should be able to identify examples from the article about the calming impact of water features, how sounds and lighting influence worker mood, clear air and water availability, etc.  A servicescape should create an office environment to help influence the behaviors that will promote productivity.  In addition, a clean atmosphere should promote employee physical and mental health.

2.  Describe the sustainability impacts resulting from biophilic design as described in the article.

Guidance: The article details lowered energy costs and potential to lower construction costs.  Ask students to investigate biophilic design on the web.  What do they find?  This Fast Company article compiles results from a number of studies on the results that biophilic design can deliver.


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