The Post Office Reinvents Itself with Banking and Alcohol Deliveries

Message in a bottle. Money, it’s a hit. Can they save the Post Office?

Loss of revenue from first class mail, competition, and a mandate to prepay retirement benefits 75 years into the future have created a financial crisis for the US Postal Service. Because Congress has shown little appetite to repeal the mandate, many solutions have been proposed to alleviate the financial woes of a well-liked institution. Recently, two proposals have been gaining traction: allow the USPS to deliver alcohol […]

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Hotels Plan Capacity and Cleaning Processes

Hilton partners with Lysol and the Mayo Clinic as it repositions its strategy around the core competencies of “clean and safe.”

Other hotels are similarly redesigning strategies and services to meet the return of travelers in a post-coronavirus age.

In this new world of hospitality management, cleanliness is likely to be the customer’s biggest priority, and hotels are preparing to meet those needs in ways never before imagined.

Traditional hotel staples like breakfast buffets, make-your-own waffles, and freshly baked welcome cookies may be […]

Amazon Warehouse Workers on the Front Line

Amazon operates more than 175 distribution centers primarily in North America and Europe.  Warehouse workers are concerned about the virus impact on their health and their family’s health.

Amazon has experienced more demand given online sales have increased as many consumers are in self-isolation or working from home.  While Amazon looks to add 100,000 workers quickly and require many current employees to work overtime, the work conditions cannot honor the social distancing recommendations.  Amazon is performing more cleaning, but the fact […]

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Productivity vs. Patient Safety at Walgreens and CVS

Tired employees at Walgreens and CVS are making mistakes that may threaten patient safety.

For some time, pharmacists have argued that understaffed and high-pace work environments are contributing to medication errors and compromising public safety. Management has challenged these allegations but is planning to review the standards used to evaluate pharmacists’ performance.

Video Spotlight: Medication Errors at 24-Hour Pharmacies

This post is based on The New York Times article, At Walgreens, Complaints of Medication […]

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