Agility Robotics Is Developing a Bipedal Robot for Warehouses

Agility Robotics is focusing on developing a bipedal ‘Digit’ robot that can unpack trucks and move boxes around warehouses.

Additional funding is secured to expand operations to three locations, namely Oregon, Bay Area, and Pittsburg, to deliver its robots to customers including Amazon and Ford.

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This post is based on the TechCrunch article, As it brings its bipedal robots to market, Agility announces a […]

Pop-Up Container Yards Add Storage Capacity For Port of Savannah

Pop-up container yards have reduced congestion at the Port of Savannah, in Georgia.

The pop-up container yard concept, combined with working 24 hours a day, helped reduce the number of cargo vessels waiting to be unloaded from 31 to 6 in late 2021.

Set up in idle rail yards, pop-up container yards are stocked ‘five by five’, five containers high by five wide. These mini-yards help get cargo off ships, away from the dock, and allow more ships to be unloaded.

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Pet Food Manufacturer Expands Capacity and Warehouse

Mars Petcare is investing $117 million in its pet food manufacturing facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas to meet increased demand for its wet pet food.

The investment adds two production lines, expands warehouse spaces, and updates existing equipment, increasing production capacity by more than 75% and annual output to more than $1 billion. The facility expansion also brings more than 140 new jobs to the Fort Smith community.

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LocusBots Track Real-Time Warehouse Operations

In response to a surge in e-commerce, Locus Robotics is developing better and more efficient robots to handle increased warehousing demand.

Locus Robotics’ robots are called “LocusBots”.  They are autonomous and mobile and can track real-time warehouse operations using iPhone or wearable technology.

New features for LocusBots to better handle item picking and handling in warehouses are in the research and development stage.

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