TikTok Slows Down Starbucks

TikTok has inspired a variety of customized drinks at Starbucks, especially when those drinks go viral. Complicated orders have also inspired baristas to post TikTok videos about what goes into making such complex drinks.

In general, organizations appreciate customers promoting their products on social media. But occasionally, there are unforeseen consequences.

Starbucks strives to keep its drive-thru time around 40-50 seconds. However, some viral video recipes are complicated, which increases the time it takes to make them, resulting in […]

Mass Customization at Taco Bell

One of Taco Bell’s newest promotions is the My Cravings Box.

Taco Bell has offered a variety of $5 cravings boxes for several years, as part of its emphasis on value.  The items in the Cravings Boxes have changed over time.  Past offerings have included a Grande Nachos Box, Toasted Cheddar Chalupa Box, and Chalupa Cravings Box (to name a few.)

What makes the My Cravings box so different?

It’s customizable.

Not including beverages, customers can build their meal with 30 different combinations, by […]

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