Retail Inventory Levels: Stabilized In Time for the Holidays

Retailers over the last few years can relate to the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Over the past few years, retail companies such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and Abercrombie & Fitch battled inventory levels that were too low, too high, and now (hopefully) just right.

They faced multiple years of lower inventory levels driven by pandemic challenges including reduced production, port congestion, driver shortages, and labor constraints.

Those low-inventory years were followed by higher inventory levels due to reduced […]

Logistics at the Panama Canal During Drought

Restrictions on daily transit as well as cargo weight will continue throughout 2024, as the Panama Canal deals with drought that has lowered water levels.

Shippers as well as recipients of goods are feeling the impact.

(For an earlier post explaining restricted load sizes through the Panama Canal, see this June 2023 post.)

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Panama Canal Restricts Load Size

The Panama Canal is a vital part of worldwide shipping. It connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, allowing ships classified as Neo-Panamax ships to move from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean or vice versa.

A Neo-Panamax ship is the largest ship that can go through the Panama Canal, carrying up to 14,000 containers. Because of a severe ongoing drought, the Panama Canal is imposing load restrictions and higher fees for vessels going through the canal.

Beginning May 24, 2023, the Canal […]

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PepsiCo UK Fueling Up With Greener Oil

PepsiCo UK will replace diesel with hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) as fuel for its fleet of trucks as a green logistics initiative.

The HVO fuel will emit 80% less green house gas than diesel per mile of delivery trips.  PepsiCo UK sources the fuel from a third-party supplier now but is working with its haulage partners to supply its own HVO fuel in the future.

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