Pandemic Speeds the Transition to Virtual Queuing

Will queues become a thing of the past?

Realistically, some queues will still exist post-pandemic, but many that go virtual now for health and safety reasons may stay virtual for efficiency’s sake later on.

Technology is becoming an invaluable tool in keeping customers safe, whether they are waiting to enter a favorite pub, spending time in airports, or seeking urgent care.  Magnetic queuing grids, timed-entry passes, and virtual lines are making waiting safer, more efficient, and more pleasant, and it appears that […]

Amazon One Lets You Pay With Your Hands

How you pay for your items in retail stores is changing.

Walmart is promoting the use of its app to create a contactless payment.  Simply scan your items at any checkout lane, and then use the app on your smartphone.  Hold your phone over the QR code on the register and the app will bill your credit, debit, or gift card.  This helps create a hands-free payment.

Amazon is taking contactless payment one step further.

With the introduction of Amazon One, you no […]

Pandemic Pushes Grocers to Adopt New Tech

The pandemic has created a need by grocers to make customers feel safer.  As a result, contactless technology is being retrofitted to brick-and-mortar stores.

Price Chopper, Wegmans, and Giant Eagle have introduced checkout-free technology in some stores.  Grocery chains were reluctant to invest in technology given the low profit margins in the industry, but the pandemic has put an emphasis on checkout safety and speed.

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Walmart Drone Deliveries Take Off

Walmart is partnering with drone delivery provider Zipline to make on-demand deliveries of select health and wellness products in the United States in early 2021.  Zipline is known for medical drone operations in Africa.

Walmart also has a pilot project to delivery grocery and household products with automated drones from Flytrex. This is in response to Amazon obtaining FAA approval to test its own Prime Air delivery drones.

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