Crypto-Anchors and Blockchain Link Physical to Digital in the Supply Chain

We’ve previously discussed blockchain’s use in the food supply chain to speed up tracking, and to aid in responsible sourcing and sustainable use of resources. Now let’s consider how it can combat supply chain fraud.

Blockchain could potentially verify the authenticity of products.  It’s estimated that the annual cost to the global economy of counterfeited items exceeds $600 billion. In some parts of the world, over 40% of aftermarket auto parts are counterfeit.  And, in […]

Levi’s, Lasers, and Reduced Lead Time

Levi’s Project FLX uses lasers to give its jeans the worn-in finish.  The technique is not only faster but also more environmentally responsible as it cuts the finishing time from minutes to seconds and involves less chemical formulations.  As a result, the lead time for decisions on jeans is shortened, which allows for on-demand manufacturing and local production.

This post is based on the Engadget article, Levi’s uses lasers to give your jeans an eco-friendly finish, by Jon Fingas, […]

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