Managing Demand for Hand Sanitizer and Masks

To unclog retail shelves and warehouses of excess hand sanitizer as the pandemic wanes, retailers such as Target, B&R Stores, and Staples are discounting the anti-germ products or offloading them to auction sites.

However, Gojo Industries is expecting the increased awareness of hygiene practices to last. They added three manufacturing facilities in the past year to continue producing Purell hand sanitizer.

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The European Commission Plugs Standard Chargers

The European Commission (EC) proposed a new law mandating USB-C ports on electronic devices.

Interchangeable chargers would be more environmentally friendly and would make consumers’ lives easier. Although several manufacturers have already equipped their devices with USB-C ports and have bundled them with the appropriate chargers, Apple sees the law as a threat to innovation and to sales of its Lightning connectors.

Video Spotlight: EU Wants Universal Charger for All Devices (September 23, 2021, CityNews)

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Climate Change Calls for New Ways to Predict Wildfires

Traditional forecasting models rely on historical data. That will not work when the future is nothing like the past.

Kettle is a startup using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict areas where wildfires are most likely to occur. Its primary purpose is to help assess the risk of insurers’ portfolios and design appropriate reinsurance policies. The probability of a wildfire is dependent upon many variables. AI enables the processing of large amounts of data to detect emerging patterns and identify areas where […]

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A Carpet That Reduces Footprints…Carbon Footprints, That Is.


The next time you step on a commercial market, you may be walking on stored carbon dioxide.

Interface, a maker of commercial flooring, has developed carpet tiles that have a negative carbon footprint. Their design involves the infusion and storage of carbon dioxide, and the processes to manufacture them are more energy-efficient. Other manufacturers are betting on this innovation to produce environmentally friendly plastics, fuels, concrete, and even fish food. The concept is attractive but it faces multiple obstacles before it […]

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