Price Hikes on Toilet Paper and More

Just when it seemed like the toilet paper crisis was finally under control, Kimberly Clark is making headlines again.

The second largest toilet paper manufacturer in the U.S. is planning hikes to its list prices beginning in June 2021.  This time, the primary disruptor is commodity prices rather than the pandemic hoarding that stripped shelves bare this time last year.

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Peloton’s Supply Chain Can’t Peddle Fast Enough

Delivery delays for Peloton’s exercise bikes have threatened the company’s market leader position.

Since the lockdown in March 2020 due to the pandemic, demand for Peloton’s exercise bikes and treadmills has surged.  However, with the shipping delays at ports from overseas manufacturers, Pelton is struggling to make timely deliveries, amidst order cancellations and requests for refunds.

Video Spotlight: Peloton tops earnings expectations, warns of supply issues due to uptick in sales amid coronavirus (Nov 6, 2020, Yahoo Finance)

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Forecasting Halloween During a Pandemic

Tricky forecasting leaves chocolate companies wondering how candy sales will fare this Halloween.

Mars’ time horizon for planning for the Halloween season spans two years, yet no one could have known how different things would be this year because the pandemic.  For Hershey, Halloween spending comprises ten percent of annual sales.

No one is sure right now if “self-consumption,” when people buy Halloween candy to eat themselves rather than to distribute to others, will be enough to fill the gap of sales […]

Wholesalers Reducing SKUs

During the pandemic, many supply chains have been stressed with rapidly changing demand and disruptions in supply.

One way to reduce this stress is to simplify operations.  The supply chain can function better with fewer SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).  This allows supply chains to focus on fewer, more important items, which helps offset some of the additional problems added by the pandemic.

Many organizations are reducing their SKUs, including Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, and Hershey.  Coca-Cola has a goal of reducing SKUs by […]

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