Exoskeletons Improve Job Design

A John Deere parts distribution center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, offers employees the use of exoskeletons to perform their jobs more safely and comfortably. Employees handle hundreds of packages every day with greater ease with the aid of these robotic devices.

Exoskeletons have the potential to impact many industries and improve ergonomics and job design in a variety of ways.

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Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Revs Up

Tesla is preparing to upgrade its Gigafactory in Shanghai to produce 21,000 electric vehicles per week.

The upgrade will run from July to August, and is intended to increase Tesla’s weekly output of its Model Y SUV and Model 3 sedan by 5,000 and 2,200 respectively. Vehicles produced at Shanghai will be exported to other Asian markets, Oceania, and Europe, meeting a market demand of over 1 million electric vehicles per year.

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Macy’s Handles Complex Logistics with Google Cloud

Macy’s warehouse management system is powered by a new Google Cloud management and analytics software to address complex logistic issues.

To meet ‘back to school’ and holiday season demands, the cloud-based analytics solutions optimizes the retailer’s supply chain, ensuring efficient shipment of merchandise from a 675,000 square foot warehouse in Columbus, Ohio, to over 200 stores.

Macy’s plans to implement the warehouse management system to service other distribution centers and direct-to-customer orders.

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Cold Chain and Internet of Things

The rise of perishable and refrigerated deliveries to a customer’s doorstep has increased the need to monitor packaging and the resultant temperatures surrounding the food.

The supply chain for food products that must remain refrigerated is called the “cold chain”, and it must be monitored very closely due to food poisoning issues that may arise from food thawing.   The internet of things (IoT) coupled with RFID technology can be vital in allowing more direct shipments of food from distribution center to […]

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