Hacks and Cracks Disrupt the Supply Chain

Since the onset of COVID-19, shortages of products have been common.

Many shortages were the result of the pandemic, including unexpected increases in demand, and facilities shutdown due to sick workers. With the re-opening of the economy, shortages have continued. Demand spikes, coupled with organizations being unable to re-staff enough workers, has led to product shortages in areas such as lumber.

However, not all disruptions in the supply chain are directly tied to the pandemic. Recently, the Colonial Pipeline was shut down […]

Crypto-Anchors and Blockchain Link Physical to Digital in the Supply Chain

We’ve previously discussed blockchain’s use in the food supply chain to speed up tracking, and to aid in responsible sourcing and sustainable use of resources. Now let’s consider how it can combat supply chain fraud.

Blockchain could potentially verify the authenticity of products.  It’s estimated that the annual cost to the global economy of counterfeited items exceeds $600 billion. In some parts of the world, over 40% of aftermarket auto parts are counterfeit.  And, in […]

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