US Air Travel Disruptions: The Rule Instead of the Exception?

The airline industry has taken major hits since December 2022, and customer anxiety is on the rise over booking new reservations.

In December—during the peak of the holiday season—Southwest Airlines cancelled over 13,000 flights due to an antiquated and unreliable flight scheduling system.

In January, a nationwide ground stop imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over a computer issue forced a 90-minute halt to all U.S. departing flights, leading to over 10,000 delays in one day alone.

January’s grounding […]

Carmakers Get Creative in the Face of Continuing Shortages

Car manufacturers are finding creative ways to design vehicles, acquire chips, and manufacture vehicles to mitigate supply chain shortages and other disruptions.

A single vehicle may need anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand chips  to control a myriad of functions including ignition, braking, and seat movement.  After foregoing production of millions of vehicles worldwide, new strategies are being devised to get production moving again.  The goal is to increase supply chain resiliency and transparency and better align supply […]

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