How Digital Data Enables Strategic Fit

While Carhartt traces its roots back 133 years, the company is now implementing digital tools (cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.) to improve its overall supply chain operations.

To implement process improvements, data must be timely, accurate, and relevant. A common expression amongst operations leaders: for something to be “meaningful” it also needs to be “measurable.” Hence the requirement for real-time data analytics.

Carhartt continues to improve its operational capabilities—for example increasing factory automation—as a means to further enhance a differentiated business strategy […]

Map Your Supply Chain

Supply network mapping is labor intensive but can reduce risks to supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 to earthquake damage.

Most companies do not map their network and do not know how to mitigate risks when a crisis unfolds.  Another reason the mapping proves helpful is removing the focus from lowering procurement costs to better understanding critical suppliers at many levels upstream.

To reduce the labor costs involved in mapping, focus on key components from a bill of materials, such as the top […]

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