The Case of the Disappearing Daigou

Disappearing daigou are causing sales in Australia to plummet in key industries like infant formula, personal care and beauty, and nutritional supplements.

Daigou in Australia are personal shoppers who ship products to China. In this multi-billion dollar industry, millions in revenue have been lost by dairy and supplement brands because of changes precipitated by the pandemic.  Australian baby formula companies like Bubs, Nuchev, and A2 join others in daigou-driven markets to find new distribution strategies to get their products into the […]

Stay-At-Home Improvements Mean Appliance Shortages

A surge in home improvement projects and new home construction has created a strong demand for appliances from refrigerators to washing machines. As a result, manufacturers, retailers, shippers, and raw materials suppliers are struggling to keep up with the strong demand.

Amid item shortages, retailers like Lowe’s are shifting from in-store showrooms to direct-to-customer deliveries.

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This post is based on the Business Insider article, […]

Tesla Is Revving Up for its Entry into the Indian Market


Elon Musk has been teasing Tesla’s fans in India with an imminent market entry.

Tesla’s CEO has targeted the Indian market for a few years. Currently, there are several conditions favorable to making the electric vehicles (EV) in India. Initially, Musk might consider exporting vehicles from its manufacturing base in neighboring China to satisfy demand in India. Irrespective of the location, the car company will have to reduce its costs significantly in order to be a viable contender in India’s EV […]

Amazon’s Thousand Suburban Warehouses

Amazon plans to open 1,000 small delivery hubs across the United States, with plans to increase this number to approximately 1,500.

The move is to further the company’s goal of same day delivery to customers.  Walmart and Target have been using their network of stores to provide same day delivery, with Walmart implementing Walmart+, its own version of Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s small delivery hubs are planned to be about 200,000 square feet, one-quarter the size of the company’s fulfillment centers.  Moreover, these […]

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