Drones Require a Mailbox Redesign

Mailboxes stand poised for a high-tech update!

Today’s mailboxes, designed about 100 years ago, are not equipped to handle drone deliveries, forcing drones to drop packages in open areas like a recipient’s yard or porch. While much attention has been focused on the design and marketing of drones, far less has been done to create a safe and secure way for the package to be held upon drop-off.

Dronedek hopes to popularize a new vision for mailboxes:  temperature controlled, locked devices that […]

Container Ship Congestion at California Ports

Pandemic-related shortages of goods have continued to be a problem. One of the biggest issues has been the backlog of ships waiting for the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Approximately 40% of the containers that come to the U.S. go through the San Pedro Ports (Long Beach and Los Angeles). The number of ships waiting for these ports was 101 as of the beginning of February 2022. According to the Port of L.A. Operations Report, as […]

The Dark Side of Online Returns

Returning online items is so easy. And wasteful.

Before their delivery to your home, products may have already left a substantial carbon footprint: production, packaging, shipping through a network of distribution centers, and last-mile delivery to your doorstep. When the items are returned, they enter the reverse supply chain: further transportation to middlemen, reprocessing and redistribution, or in many cases, incineration or a trip to the landfill. Under pressure to be more environmentally and socially conscious, Amazon has launched new initiatives […]

Global Supply Chain Trends

The pandemic has raised a variety of issues for our supply chains. In recent years, many supply chains have expanded globally. Until the pandemic, most of the disruptions in supply chains were due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

However, the pandemic has brought a whole new set of disruptions, including factories and ports closing due to COVID, a backlog of container ships off the coast of California waiting for space at the docks to unload, and trucking systems being overloaded.

As […]

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