Auto Industry’s Relationships With Chip Suppliers

Previous OM in the News posts have looked at the chip shortage and automotive production, and how Tesla, for one, is responding. We’re back with an update.

Semiconductor shortages go beyond an increase in demand for autos, port slowdowns, and other pandemic-related issues.

Part of the problem is that the auto industry traditionally has dealt with their suppliers in such a way as to allow short-term changes to their orders. Whereas most chip makers want guaranteed […]

Peloton’s Supply Chain Can’t Peddle Fast Enough

Delivery delays for Peloton’s exercise bikes have threatened the company’s market leader position.

Since the lockdown in March 2020 due to the pandemic, demand for Peloton’s exercise bikes and treadmills has surged.  However, with the shipping delays at ports from overseas manufacturers, Pelton is struggling to make timely deliveries, amidst order cancellations and requests for refunds.

Video Spotlight: Peloton tops earnings expectations, warns of supply issues due to uptick in sales amid coronavirus (Nov 6, 2020, Yahoo Finance)

This post […]

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VW Partners with Amazon Web Services

Volkswagen (VW) is in partnership with Amazon Web Services to link more than 120 VW factories to 1,500 suppliers and 30,000 plants worldwide via a cloud-based software and data portal.

The “industrial cloud” digitizes factory processes from stamping to painting to maintenance.  Supplier partners use an app store approach to share and contribute software applications.  Amazon provides support services, including data analytics and computing.

Video Spotlight: VW and Amazon team up to create an industrial cloud (Mar 28, […]

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