Nike and Direct-to-Consumer: Just Doing It

Nike continues its march towards more direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, notifying seven more distributors that they will no longer be selling its products.

The last shipments to DSW, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Big Five, and several others are likely to go out in October 2021. The move follows Nike’s cut of nine wholesalers last fall, and continues a push towards more digital sales.

Its DTC model that began about a decade ago has been accelerated and positively affected by the pandemic.

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Black-Owned Distilleries Capture their Share of the Kentucky Bourbon Market

The American distilling world is becoming more diversified.

Distilleries owned and operated by African Americans are reshaping bourbon’s 200-year history in Kentucky. This is an important turning point for a beverage that was initially made by enslaved labor. The new entrepreneurs are making a difference by updating bourbon’s image and providing new economic opportunities. The competition is already intensifying as small, modest startups must fend off powerful, multimillion-dollar enterprises, and as access to capital remains problematic. Nevertheless, there are several indications […]

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Decarbonizing with Renewable Natural Gas

Can gas companies play a role in the pursuit of net-zero emissions? They are trying.

Fossil fuel companies are well aware that the growing appeal of net-zero carbon emissions to businesses, governments, and individuals around the world threatens their very own existence. Fighting for their survival, some gas companies have decided to join the movement rather than resist it. They are exploring various options to produce a carbon-neutral mixture of renewable gas. As major companies like Intel and Walmart transition to […]

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How GOJO Increased Capacity for Purell

GOJO, the maker of the Purell hand sanitizers, is making investments to increase its capacity for current and future demand.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer attitudes towards higher hygiene expectations.  There is also a need for a safe environment to work and socialize when society re-opens.  The result is a 150% increase in demand for sanitizers.

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