Lyft Divests Autonomous Driving Unit

To save operating expenses in areas beyond its core ride-sharing business, Lyft has agreed to sell its autonomous-driving unit to Toyota.

The divestment will allow Lyft to partner with Toyota to develop vehicles for its autonomous ride-hailing networks.  The partnership will further the companies’ mission to advance mobility technologies on a global scale.

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Hershey’s To Manufacture Its Own Masks

Hershey is investing $1 million to acquire new production capabilities to make face masks for its employees and their families as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike other food and beverage companies that retrofit existing equipment for personal protective equipment (PPE) production, Hershey is expanding its capabilities to keep both chocolate and PPE manufacturing operations running.  This way Hershey ensures a safe and clean working environment for continual operations as well as providing relief for much needed face masks to […]

Relativity To Print Rockets In Its New Location

Relativity is building a 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and operating center in Long Beach, California to make its Terran 1 rocket.

The facility has plenty of room to operate its large 3D-printers, make taller rockets, house 300 support staff from machining to marketing, and realize its long-term vision of sending a 3D-printed rocket to Mars.

Video Spotlight: Relativity Space’s New Long Beach Headquarters (Feb 28, 2020, Relativity Space)

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