The Chronic Pain of Drug Shortages

Despite repeated warnings that critical drugs have been and will remain in short supply, corrective action has been painfully elusive.

A confluence of factors contribute to the persistence of the problem. These factors have been identified multiple times over the years, but addressing them and their effects on patients’ health requires overall system changes that call for full congressional and business cooperation. The current blog does not cover the policy changes needed for improvement; they are beyond its scope. However, it […]

Robots Help Fill Labor Shortage at Pharmacies

Robots are increasingly being used to fill prescriptions at Walgreens due to the nationwide shortage of pharmacists.

Walgreens is revamping its stores and redesigning pharmacists’ jobs to reflect current demand as well as constraints in the industry.

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Without Fertilizer, We’re Short on Fizz

Soaring energy and gas prices have prompted European nitrogen-based fertilizer companies to shut down production.

Alarming as this is for farmers who need fertilizer to enrich their crops, it is also of deep concern for users of CO2 gas, a much needed by-product of fertilizer production.

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