J.B. Hunt: Transforming Logistics Through Data Centralization

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is partnering with Google to provide improved shipping and logistics experience for shippers, carriers, and service providers.

Under the partnership, J.B. Hunt will centralize data across its supply chain, including capacity use, pricing, and transportation delivery, using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools from Google Cloud.

The partnership is expected to transform transportation services by digitally matching shipments with capacity, increasing efficiency and visibility.

Video Spotlight: 

COVID-Sniffing Dogs in Helsinki

Ten amazing dogs sniff out COVID-19 carrying passengers in Finland’s Helsinki airport.

In a pilot program, passengers are asked to volunteer to run a test wipe across their skin to collect a sweat sample.  The wipe is placed in a cup in a nearby booth, where the dogs quickly go to work and make a physical sign to indicate samples that carry the virus.

These canines can detect the virus in only ten seconds, and up to five days before symptoms even […]

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