Who Holds the Record? The Man or the Shoes?

Wearing Nike Vaporflys, Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon under two hours.

There is no question that Kipchoge is a great athlete who has been dominating his sport for some time. However, the latest generation of Nike shoes he was wearing may have partly accounted for his extraordinary feat. The midsoles of the Vaporfly are designed to help athletes run more efficiently and cut their marathon times by 3 to 4%. To ensure fairness in competition, experts are reviewing whether shoe design […]

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Safety, Ethics and Vaping

Fruity flavors that sound like childhood candy favorites have lured many teens into vaping. Highly addictive nicotine vaping products have drawn in 3.6 million young users, many of whom find themselves hooked and unable to quit.

After a 2016 FDA ruling on the products, sales for Juul e-cigarettes, for instance, increased over 600%, and the trend of declining youth smoking was reversed.

In addition to long-term effects of vaping, some e-liquid flavors, like cinnamon, cotton candy, and bubble gum, are poisonous in […]

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Toyota Catches Up On Safety Features For 2020

To further goof-proof its vehicles, Toyota plans to add two new safety features to some 2020 model vehicles.

One prevents rollaway accidents by automatically switching the car to “park” if it is left running.

The other averts carbon monoxide poisoning in an enclosed area like a garage by automatically shutting off the engine if it’s left running.

These features are increasingly important with hybrid cars that sit silent when the gas engine is off, yet the car is not completely shut down.

Toyota lags […]

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