Reduce Queuing Time with Biometrics

Biometrics will now fast-track some of Delta’s frequent flyers through their international flight experience.

The technology, being tested through June 2022, in the Atlanta, Georgia airport, will use facial recognition for baggage checks, check-in and ticketing functions, TSA security points, and passenger boarding.

Passengers stand in front of a machine which scans their face and compares it to their stored passport photo.  Over one quarter of Delta’s Atlanta-based flyers qualify for this program, though they can still opt out if they wish.

Short-Term Fry Rationing for McDonald’s Japan

Desperate to satisfy demand for one of its most popular items, McDonald’s Japan flew three 747’s full of frozen fries from the U.S. in the final days of 2021.

For the week beginning December 24, customers in Japan were limited to purchasing only small size fry orders to try to ration available inventory fairly.  Medium and large orders are said to be restored to the menu now that the rush airlift has arrived.

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Disney Genie: The Next Gen in Managing Lines?

Fast Pass and Max Pass are things of the past. Disney World has rolled out its new queueing programs, Disney Genie, Disney Genie Plus, and individual fees for very popular individual attractions.

Disney Genie is a free program that anyone can access on a phone app to plan customized itineraries and see wait times in real time once guests are in the park.

With Disney Genie Plus, guests pay $15/day at Disney World to access “Lighting Lanes” in some ways that are […]

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Who Holds the Record? The Man or the Shoes?

Wearing Nike Vaporflys, Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon under two hours.

There is no question that Kipchoge is a great athlete who has been dominating his sport for some time. However, the latest generation of Nike shoes he was wearing may have partly accounted for his extraordinary feat. The midsoles of the Vaporfly are designed to help athletes run more efficiently and cut their marathon times by 3 to 4%. To ensure fairness in competition, experts are reviewing whether shoe design […]

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