Healthy Results from a Care Transformation

Healthy Results from a Care Transformation

OSF Medical Group has rolled out a Care Transformation initiative to 40 of its medical clinics in Illinois, with healthy results. Under the initiative, clinicians work in a multidisciplinary team to better serve patients. Every morning, the team meets to discuss the daily agenda, quality performance achievements and challenges.

This approach has proven successful in increasing the number of patients being seen, improving preventive services, ensuring treatment compliance, and providing patient-centered care.

This post is based on the Modern Healthcare article, OSF Medical Group Adopts Team-Based Approach Across Clinics, by M. Castellucci, December 16, 2017.

Discussion Questions
1. What is the composition of a typical team at OSF? Why does the nurse play a particularly important role?

Guidance: A team comprises at least one physician, a nurse, a nurse practitioner, a social worker, a care manager, and a medical assistant. Nurses help free up physicians’ time by seeing patients with common ailments and handling simple follow-up appointments. They also find ways to improve care. Job enlargement and enrichment strategies can be discussed.

2. Are the teams described in the article self-directed? What benefits can be achieved with such teams?

Guidance: The teams described in the article set their Continue reading