Price Hikes on Toilet Paper and More

Just when it seemed like the toilet paper crisis was finally under control, Kimberly Clark is making headlines again.

The second largest toilet paper manufacturer in the U.S. is planning hikes to its list prices beginning in June 2021.  This time, the primary disruptor is commodity prices rather than the pandemic hoarding that stripped shelves bare this time last year.

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Shortages at Tim Hortons in Canada

A supply interruption at the Guelph, Ontario distribution center left more than three-quarters of Tim Hortons’ 1,750 franchisees in Ontario scrambling to source some of the unavailable items from third-party retailers such as Walmart, instead of buying them directly from head office as part of the franchise agreements.

However, Ontario franchisees are worried about losing sales. Some of the items on shortage are Tim Hortons branded coffee and tea, and those aren’t available at Walmart.

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