Dock-to-Arm: A Tricky Challenge for the Coronavirus Vaccine


We have three promising vaccines. Now the challenge is to distribute them to the masses.

Public health officials and health systems around the world are gearing up for the distribution of the vaccines to their populations. There are opportunities for error at every step of the distribution process, from transportation of the Pfizer vaccine at extremely cold temperatures to final distribution in remote or rural areas. This massive undertaking is going to require synchronized efforts among many different parties. Success will […]

Walking in Phoenix


Culdesac Tempe is poised to become a walking oasis in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Cars are a staple of the concrete, or rather stucco, jungle that Phoenix is purported to be. Before the pandemic struck, a real estate developer bet $170 million on a car-free neighborhood complex with its own retailers. People living there will have to rely on public transit. As a combination of urban life and developed community, Culdesac aims to attract people who want to remain connected to […]

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Walmart Drone Deliveries Take Off

Walmart is partnering with drone delivery provider Zipline to make on-demand deliveries of select health and wellness products in the United States in early 2021.  Zipline is known for medical drone operations in Africa.

Walmart also has a pilot project to delivery grocery and household products with automated drones from Flytrex. This is in response to Amazon obtaining FAA approval to test its own Prime Air delivery drones.

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Amazon’s Warehouse Wearables Promote Worker Safety

Amazon is testing a wearable device that will alert warehouse workers when they are violating social distancing rules.  In addition, Amazon is experimenting with cameras equipped with social distancing software to improve safety.

The data collected from these technologies will help with contact tracing if the need arises.  Amazon has already made some workers responsible for monitoring social distancing for warehouses nationwide in an effort to minimize virus spread.

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