Coronavirus Pushes Construction of New Hospitals

How long did it take project manager, Fang Xiang, to build a 645,000 square foot hospital with beds for 1,000 corona virus patients in Wuhan, China?

Using a team of 7,000 workers laboring around the clock, the monumental task was completed in just ten days.  About 1,400 military doctors and medical staff, many of whom worked with SARS patients in the past, have been brought in to help treat the patients.

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Big Changes in Vegas Tunnel Project

Elon Musk’s changing visions and explanations of the Las Vegas tunnel project with his Boring Company have left many onlookers confused about what is being built.

Two 14-foot-wide, 0.83 mile tunnels are being drilled under the Las Vegas Convention Center grounds, to serve guests needing to travel from one end of the facility to the other, with one end-point reaching the Las Vegas strip.  The project, which broke ground in November, is costing nearly $50 million. Musk claims it will be […]

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