Surging Productivity: A Potential Silver Lining to the Pandemic

The quick adoption of new technologies during the pandemic has boosted productivity.

This boost could trigger economic growth and benefit everyone for several years as government investment in infrastructure provides further impetus to accelerate the pace of innovation in the workplace. The pandemic had already forced companies to do more with less; the changes in work methods and processes are here to stay. A surge in productivity could alleviate concerns about inflation and ensure a higher standard of living in the […]

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The Many Benefits of Healthier Building Design

The pandemic has stimulated corporate interest in redesigning workspaces with better air filtration systems and more sustainable materials.

The concept of bringing the health benefits of the outdoors to an inside environment is called “biophilic design”.  Benefits include lower energy costs, healthier workplaces for employees, and overall improved office productivity.

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Reducing Emissions From Burps to Burgers

Fifty years ago, the Economist Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman wrote an article in the New York Times Magazine in which he stated that organizations cannot have “social responsibility”; only individuals can.  The role of a private corporation is to maximize shareholder value while acting ethically and within legal constraints.

Today, business leaders increasingly have a larger viewpoint of their responsibilities, referring to “stakeholders”, which includes customers, suppliers, employees and communities in which they operate.  On occasion, the sometimes disparate goals […]

Disney’s Changes For Capacity Management and Safety

Walt Disney World plans to keep some of its COVID-19 health and protocol changes even after things return to pre-pandemic levels of magic.

Even before the pandemic began, Disney was creating new ways to address problems like capacity management and guest experience. Some of these were implemented in recent months. These new approaches are here to stay, including a park reservation system, mobile ordering at park restaurants, queue reservation systems, and even paying for merchandise without cash or credit card.

Meanwhile, occupancy […]

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