Prefab Is Fab

Prefabricated building modules are trending.

Supply chain disruptions and workforce shortages can wreak havoc on construction projects as their compounded effects lengthen lead times and increase costs. Fortunately, these challenges can make businesses more creative and resourceful. Modular construction with prefabricated units combines the benefits of standardization and flexibility to speed up construction and lower costs. It thus facilitates the successful execution of large projects in an era of uncertainty and inflation.

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Waffle House Disaster Recovery Index

Waffle House views disaster recovery as an important part of its business.  The company believes that having a Waffle House restaurant open after a disaster helps the community.

Part of it is the customers that are used to Waffle House being open 24/7/365.  The restaurant being open gives people a sense of normalcy in a crisis.  Additionally, it’s for employees (which Waffle House calls associates).  If the locations aren’t open, employees aren’t making a living.  As a result, Waffle House strives […]

A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’

Low cost is no longer the only reason why US companies outsource manufacturing to China.

Despite Apple’s commitment to make a Mac computer in Austin, Texas, the inability of a US supplier to mass produce screws led the tech giant to order the items from China.

This situation exemplifies the challenges facing US manufacturing. Not only is it impossible to beat Chinese labor costs, but it is also difficult to compete in terms of scale, skills, and infrastructure.

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