Redwood Logistics Facilitates Nearshoring

Redwood Logistics is expanding its transportation operations to Mexico.

This move follows the nearshoring trend of manufacturers who are bringing production closer to home in order to be less reliant on overseas suppliers.

Redwood Logistics’ Mexico expansion allows it to become a logistic service gateway connecting the electronic, automotive, appliances, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries in Mexico with the U.S.

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The Chronic Pain of Drug Shortages

Despite repeated warnings that critical drugs have been and will remain in short supply, corrective action has been painfully elusive.

A confluence of factors contribute to the persistence of the problem. These factors have been identified multiple times over the years, but addressing them and their effects on patients’ health requires overall system changes that call for full congressional and business cooperation. The current blog does not cover the policy changes needed for improvement; they are beyond its scope. However, it […]

Instacart Gets Closer to Insta-Delivery

Instacart is building micro-fulfillment warehouses in Atlanta and Miami to provide 15-minute local deliveries to customers of Publix Supermarket.

In addition, Instacart will provide Publix with key metrics such as order volume, out-of-stocks and buying trends to help the retailer better understand its ecommerce business and performance.

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This post is based on the Retail Wire article, Instacart is […]

Defective Souvenir Is Unexpectedly Popular

Tea sets, mugs, and plates are sporting a royal goof. In the run-up to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, the celebration the 70 years since her ascension to the throne, a Chinese manufacturer produced 10,800 items for an online trader wanting to sell mementos.

These keepsakes bear the humorous inscription of “Queen’s Platinum Jubbly” or “Queen’s Platinum Jubblee” instead of “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.”

Brits are finding this goof especially humorous because a famous comedic TV character, “Del Boy,” has a favorite catch phrase, “lovely […]

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