Design Cycle for GM’s Hummer EV Cut by 3 Years

With its Hummer EV, GM has cut 3 years out of its usual 5-year design time.

GM says that the new development process is saving $1.5 billion annually. GM is using new technologies such as virtual product testing and hardware-in-the-loop testing to cut product development time dramatically.  It also helps that the Hummer EV is using a battery that was previously developed and has far fewer parts compared to combustion engine technology.

Testing virtual parts saves money since 3-D printed parts can […]

Straight to the Moon, Adidas

Adidas is partnering with the International Space Station to perform product testing in a microgravity environment to improve soccer ball and shoe design. Sustainability is also being studied to account for reuse of every gram of material.

Adidas hopes to learn how to improve sustainable manufacturing as a result of this partnership.

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Knock Knock, It’s Walmart

Walmart launched inHome Delivery as a new service recently. The retailer has also partnered with a company called Level Home. That company’s Level Lock product, available through WalMart, allows entry to a home without having to install additional hardware to a door.  The Level Lock is attached to your current door lock and can be installed in ten minutes with a screwdriver.

For Walmart’s inHome Delivery, employees deliver groceries to your pantry and refrigerator while wearing cameras, using a one-time access […]

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Taste-Testing Dog Food Recipes

The Farmer’s Dog is a start-up that began after its founders discovered pet food companies sell products deemed unfit for humans.

The company treats dog food equivalent to the way human food is tested, including product testing new recipes on humans first.  The goal is to create healthy pet food.

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