Logistics at the Panama Canal During Drought

Restrictions on daily transit as well as cargo weight will continue throughout 2024, as the Panama Canal deals with drought that has lowered water levels.

Shippers as well as recipients of goods are feeling the impact.

(For an earlier post explaining restricted load sizes through the Panama Canal, see this June 2023 post.)

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Redwood Logistics Facilitates Nearshoring

Redwood Logistics is expanding its transportation operations to Mexico.

This move follows the nearshoring trend of manufacturers who are bringing production closer to home in order to be less reliant on overseas suppliers.

Redwood Logistics’ Mexico expansion allows it to become a logistic service gateway connecting the electronic, automotive, appliances, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries in Mexico with the U.S.

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Global Supply Chain Trends

The pandemic has raised a variety of issues for our supply chains. In recent years, many supply chains have expanded globally. Until the pandemic, most of the disruptions in supply chains were due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

However, the pandemic has brought a whole new set of disruptions, including factories and ports closing due to COVID, a backlog of container ships off the coast of California waiting for space at the docks to unload, and trucking systems being overloaded.

As […]

Manufacturers Plan Nearshoring and Reshoring

In April 2020, 878 North American companies were surveyed, with 64% of those companies reporting they will likely reshore or nearshore manufacturing and sourcing to avoid supply chain disruptions in the future.  Manufacturers can shorten lead time and cut transportation costs by reshoring and/or nearshoring.

The handling of the COVID-19 outbreak in China further illustrated the vulnerabilities associated with sourcing from distant regions of the world.

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