Forecasting Halloween During a Pandemic

Tricky forecasting leaves chocolate companies wondering how candy sales will fare this Halloween.

Mars’ time horizon for planning for the Halloween season spans two years, yet no one could have known how different things would be this year because the pandemic.  For Hershey, Halloween spending comprises ten percent of annual sales.

No one is sure right now if “self-consumption,” when people buy Halloween candy to eat themselves rather than to distribute to others, will be enough to fill the gap of sales […]

The Challenges of Making N95 Masks

Why can’t we produce N95 masks fast enough?

As the US faces shortages of N95 masks, this article highlights the challenges of producing them. China, a country that has ramped up production for itself and for the world, has had to overcome major obstacles even with huge government subsidies and help from regulators. Problems ranging from material shortages to building machines threaten the conversion of existing capacity to mask manufacturing.

Video Spotlight: How China Can Produce 200 […]

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