Trending but Illegal? FDA Hearings on CBD-Infused Foods

Trending but Illegal? FDA Hearings on CBD-Infused Foods

March 20, 2019

CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants, was dubbed the top culinary trend of 2019 in a recent survey of chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association.

CBD-infused food and beverages ranging from brownies to lattes to fruity teas are all the rage.  Proponents tout benefits such as reduced anxiety, lessened pain, and fewer seizures, as well as other calming benefits for the body.

Last year’s legalization of the industrial production of hemp opened the door for increased supply, but the FDA has not yet cleared the way for the use of CBD in food and beverages.  Meanwhile, a complex web of state and local laws confuse hemp farmers and food and beverage manufacturers alike.

The FDA will begin the public hearing process in April, which is viewed as the first step in creating rules for CBD’s legal use in the food and beverage industry.  Many businesses, however, are already illegally selling products to eager consumers.

Video Spotlight: CBD-infused foods become rising trend in 2019

This post is based on the SmartBrief article, Recent crackdowns muddy the waters around CBD in food and beverages, by Tricia Contreras, March 4, 2019; the CNBC article, Continue reading