Underpinnings of Lean Leadership

Mr. Yoshinio was a young man working in a paint shop when he applied the wrong paint to a product.  Fearing his manager would fire him for this mistake, Mr. Yoshino was inspired when his manager listened and worked to correct a faulty process instead.

In cooperation with the Lean Enterprise Institute, consultant Katie Anderson describes how Lean legend Isao Yoshino learned first-hand the value of blaming the process instead of the people when failures occur.

Supply Chain […]

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JIT Risks in the Food Supply Chain

The just-in-time supply chain for grocery store replenishment depends on transportation of food items from around the globe.  Shipping is primarily used to move food items. COVID-19 restrictions have slowed down the movement of goods dramatically.

Most grocery stores carry limited days of inventory and depend on transportation systems all working on time.  The pandemic has exposed a major flaw in just-in-time systems: no extra inventory in the system.

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India’s Short-Lived Ban on Exports of Coronavirus Drug

As demand for potential coronavirus drugs surges during this pandemic, several countries have banned the export of these drugs.  As many drugs and/or their key ingredients are made in a handful of countries, export bans create tremendous problem and potential shortages.

India announced a partial ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine in late March. Following a threatened retaliation from President Trump, the ban was at least partially lifted.

Several researchers are studying the affect of this drug in combination with the antibiotic […]

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