Mass Customization and Fast Fashion

Sustainability and the fashion industry appear to be mutually exclusive. Add in Fast Fashion, and sustainability appears to be of little concern.

In particular, Fast Fashion rapidly designs, produces, and markets high volumes of garments that typically use low-quality materials.

As Fast Fashion has increased the number of fashion seasons from four – with an emphasis on a twice-yearly fashion week – to fifty-two seasons per year, the environmental impact has greatly increased.

It has even reached the point that laws are being […]

Mobile Vaccine Factories to Increase Capacity in Africa

German vaccine manufacturer BioNTech has a plan to roll out mobile factories, housed in shipping containers, which will produce 50 million doses of mRNA vaccine in Africa.

Each factory has two separate modules called BioNTainers that are transportable by road, rail, air, or sea.  The modular design offers scalable production of shots for COVID-19, malaria, tuberculosis, and cancer treatment.

The mobile factory is a step towards sustainable vaccine production and access for communities […]

Underpinnings of Lean Leadership

Mr. Yoshinio was a young man working in a paint shop when he applied the wrong paint to a product.  Fearing his manager would fire him for this mistake, Mr. Yoshino was inspired when his manager listened and worked to correct a faulty process instead.

In cooperation with the Lean Enterprise Institute, consultant Katie Anderson describes how Lean legend Isao Yoshino learned first-hand the value of blaming the process instead of the people when failures occur.

Supply Chain […]

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JIT Risks in the Food Supply Chain

The just-in-time supply chain for grocery store replenishment depends on transportation of food items from around the globe.  Shipping is primarily used to move food items. COVID-19 restrictions have slowed down the movement of goods dramatically.

Most grocery stores carry limited days of inventory and depend on transportation systems all working on time.  The pandemic has exposed a major flaw in just-in-time systems: no extra inventory in the system.

Video Spotlight:

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