Restaurants Face Continuing Shortages

Restaurants face price increases on food ingredients and unpredictable availability.

As they attempt to reopen to customers as COVID-19 restrictions ease, some items are unavailable. Food industry suppliers scaled back servicing restaurants during the pandemic, and will take time to ramp up production to catch up with returning demand.

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Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef?

In the 1980s, Wendy’s ran a very successful advertising campaign with the now-famous phrase, “Where’s the beef?”

This phrase has taken on new meaning as just under 20% of the company’s restaurants are out of beef.  Obviously, this is a difficult problem as Wendy’s is famous for its hamburgers.

The problem traces its origins to meat processing plants that are shut down, or are shutting down due to problems with a large number of workers contacting coronavirus.  These shut downs are now […]

Possible Meat Shortages Due to Plant Closures

Three of the United State’s largest pork processing plants, namely Tyson Foods, Smithfield, and JBS, were closed because employees their tested positive for the coronavirus.

The plant closures reduce the production of meat by 25% and may result in meat shortages in grocery stores.  In addition, farmers are impacted as they cannot sell their livestock to be processed, leading to a serious food waste issue that exacerbates disruptions to the meat supply chain.

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