IHOP’s Flip’d Targets On-the-Go Customers

Flip’d by IHOP is the rebooted fast-casual spinoff from IHOP. Multiple locations are planned to open in 2021. Look for Flip’d in suburban areas in New York, Kansas, and Ohio, and at high-end convenience stores like Kwik Stop and Minit Mart.

On-the-go customers can place their orders at digital kiosks or the counter.  Delivery and digital order pickup are available for off-premise customers.

Video Spotlight: IHOP opening new restaurant Flip’d (May 21, 2021, KPRC 2 Click2Houston)

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Apple’s Location Decision Brings Jobs to Raleigh

Apple has chosen Raleigh, North Carolina to house a new campus that employs 3,000 people working on software engineering and machine learning technologies.

Apple is joining other technology companies, including Oracle, Google, and Amazon, in expanding its engineering operations to other cities outside its headquarters, to access a greater pool of engineering talents.

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The Automat Returns

Under the category of “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” is the return of the Automat.

The original Automat opened in Berlin in 1895.  America’s first Automat was opened by Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart in Philadelphia, in 1902. Their Automat chain, Horn and Hardart, grew in popularity, with over 100 restaurants in New York City by the 1950s.

Restaurants served home-style comfort food.  Many even had a wall of pies, with hot coffee being one of their […]

The Future of Ghost Kitchens

OM in the News previously reported on the rise of ghost kitchens, and we’re back with an update. Ghost kitchens as a concept have grown tremendously popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Red Robin recently introduced 3 national ghost brands — Chicken Sammy’s, The Wing Dept, and Fresh Set.  They join a long list of restaurants using the ghost kitchen concept. Restaurant chains and their products include Chili’s It’s Just Wings, Applebee’s Cosmic Wings, and Blooming Brands (the parent […]

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