Pandora Closes the Box on Mined Diamonds

The popular jewelry company, Pandora, will no longer source real diamonds and will exclusively use lab grown diamonds instead.

A combination of low cost and sustainability strategies are driving this change to make beautiful jewelry that is more affordable, accessible, and sustainable.  Pandora’s decision follows a larger market trend that has seen the production of lab-grown diamonds increase to approximately six or seven million carats in 2020, while mined diamonds saw demand drop.

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Annie’s Product Redesign: A Case for Ethics and Safety

Annie’s Homegrown organic Mac and Cheese products came under scrutiny because very small traces of phthalates were found in the dairy products and packaging it uses.  Other U.S. cheese products have faced similar findings.

Some research suggests that phthalates can be linked to problems with male fertility and the health of babies, including neurodevelopment and behavioral problems.  While the levels found are below the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA’s) thresholds for human consumption, Annie’s is nevertheless committed to continuing to review […]

Gender Neutral Mr. Potato Head

Hasbro’s iconic “Mr. Potato Head” is being rebranded as simply “Potato Head.”

According to a company spokesperson, this allows children as young as its target audience of two- and three-year-olds to create whatever gender potatoes and families they wish.  A “family-pack” will include two large potatoes and one small one with over forty pieces for children to use to create the families of their choice.

While some welcome the change in the name of inclusiveness, others are raising an eyebrow to this […]

Amazon Warehouse Workers on the Front Line

Amazon operates more than 175 distribution centers primarily in North America and Europe.  Warehouse workers are concerned about the virus impact on their health and their family’s health.

Amazon has experienced more demand given online sales have increased as many consumers are in self-isolation or working from home.  While Amazon looks to add 100,000 workers quickly and require many current employees to work overtime, the work conditions cannot honor the social distancing recommendations.  Amazon is performing more cleaning, but the fact […]

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