US Coal Fields Potential Sources of Rare Earth Minerals

The US Department of Energy is offering $32 million in funding for the production of rare earth and critical minerals, mainly cobalt and lithium, from coal-based sources to reduce dependency on China and other countries.

The funds come from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which aims to build mineral processing sites across the US, enabling more control of supply and pricing.  Money from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law may be used for engineering analyses, design studies, development of facilities for domestic production and refining […]

Wind-Powered Plant Builds GM’s SUVs

GM is planning to use 100% wind power to manufacture SUVs in its Arlington, Texas, plant.

The company is on track to meet its goal to power all plant operations with renewable energy sources by 2050.  Besides cost savings, the use of renewable energy sources will position GM as a green company ahead of its competitors.

Video Spotlight: GM will power its SUV plant with wind

This post is based on the post, GM Will […]

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