Changing Mandates Affect Aggregate Planning For Cruise Lines

Cruise companies have awaited and processed ever-changing reopening mandates from the CDC for months. Some, like Norwegian and Carnival, plan to move cruises away from U.S. departure ports to other countries whose requirements are already in place and are less restrictive.

The first cruise ship to depart from the US in fifteen months, Celebrity Edge, left port in late June, and returned after a five day cruise. More cruise ships are set to depart over the summer. Royal Caribbean has announced […]

The Future of Ghost Kitchens

OM in the News previously reported on the rise of ghost kitchens, and we’re back with an update. Ghost kitchens as a concept have grown tremendously popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Red Robin recently introduced 3 national ghost brands — Chicken Sammy’s, The Wing Dept, and Fresh Set.  They join a long list of restaurants using the ghost kitchen concept. Restaurant chains and their products include Chili’s It’s Just Wings, Applebee’s Cosmic Wings, and Blooming Brands (the parent […]

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Oat Milk Shortage

Over the last several years, oat milk has been in short supply.  OM in the News posted on it a couple of years ago.  In spite of the lapse in time, shortages are still an issue for oat milk, and for its primary producer, Oatly.  The shortages of oat milk were impacted by the pandemic.

Shortages of hand sanitizer are understandable, but why a shortage of oat milk?

When the pandemic began, demand for oat milk increased.  Part of […]

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Factors Affecting Supply Chain Resilience

COVID-19 has exposed many vulnerabilities in our supply chains.  Of particular note are supply chains for food and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Most people take for granted that we can walk into a grocery store, and leave with a wide variety of food items.  However, in Spring 2020, this was not the case.  Many store shelves were bare, including some essentials such as flour and pasta.  Many farmers destroyed milk, eggs, and chickens, while other crops rotted in the field.

Similar problems […]

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