Samsung Plans to Manufacture Semiconductors in the US

Samsung is investing $13 billion in a chip-making factory in the US, which would employ 1,900 people by October 2022.

Three location alternatives are being considered: Texas, Arizona, and New York.

Samsung will be competing with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for the top leadership position in the $400 billion chip-making industry in the US.

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DoorDash Delivers: Groceries

DoorDash is providing on-demand grocery delivery with its DashPass service.

Customers can place orders with participating grocery retailers and have their orders delivered within an hour. The DashPass service is an end-to-end online grocery solution including ordering, fulfillment, and delivery, extending its meal delivery and last-mile delivery services.

Video Spotlight: How to Get Groceries Delivered DoorDash, 7-Eleven, Target, CVS Delivering  (Apr 2, 2019, News Today)

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Cargill Expands Into Plant-Based Burgers

Cargill is competing with Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in the imitation meat market. The company is offering both pea and soy protein-based hamburger patties, and ground “fake meat” products, beginning in April 2020.

Cargill has invested $100 million in pea-protein producer Puris since January 2018, extending its role as a major crop supplier to a plant-based food producer.

Video Spotlight: New plant-based hamburger patties by food behemoth Cargill to launch soon (Feb 27, 2020, The Straits Times)

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The Demise of Small Pharmacies

Changing trends in how customers fill their prescriptions and how big pharmaceutical companies transform the healthcare industry have caused closures of regional supermarket pharmacy counters across the U.S.

Fewer customers visit pharmacy counters while grocery shopping because many order their medications by mail, often in bulk, or get them at lower costs at big pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.

In addition to better deals on drug costs, big pharmacies offer healthcare “hubs” staffed by doctors and medical personnel to provide a wide […]

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