Clothing Rental Is the New Fashion Trend

Clothing Rental Business Nuuly Beat Expectations.

Urban Outfitters went all in with Nuuly, its clothing rental business. Betting on the appeal of trendiness and sustainability to its young customer base, the group decided to use its large resources and extensive brand network to offer an impressive inventory of clothing to wear at work, in the street, at home, and on special occasions. According to the company, the opportunities for success far outweigh the risks.

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Lego’s Competitive Strategies

Lego’s reality game show, LEGO Masters, promotes generations upon generations of people’s passion for its product.

Teams compete for $100,000 and the title of LEGO Master.  Paul Wellington and Nealita Nelson, a brother and sister team from Milwaukee, were early favorites and finished third in the finale.

Friends Christopher and Robert took home the championship on December 14, 2023.

Learn more about Lego: Lego’s sustainability efforts.

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UAW Deal Raises Ford’s Breakeven Point

To end strikes in its biggest factories, Ford entered into a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers Union to increase the wages of its 57,000 workers by 25% in the next four and a half years.

The increase in wages will add $850 to $900 labor cost per vehicle.  Ford faces a challenging task in balancing vehicle price, margin, and demand while remaining competitive relative to non-unionized automakers such as Tesla.

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The Broken Promises of the Patent System

The patent system is outdated.

In the US, a patent protects an inventor by preventing others to manufacture, sell, or use the invention for 20 years. In principle, this is a fair reward which spurs innovation and thus benefits us all. In reality, the system is flawed. It protects the first person that files for a patent, whether the invention works or not. Does the system really foster progress? Could AI exploit its flaws even further?

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