A Carpet That Reduces Footprints…Carbon Footprints, That Is.


The next time you step on a commercial market, you may be walking on stored carbon dioxide.

Interface, a maker of commercial flooring, has developed carpet tiles that have a negative carbon footprint. Their design involves the infusion and storage of carbon dioxide, and the processes to manufacture them are more energy-efficient. Other manufacturers are betting on this innovation to produce environmentally friendly plastics, fuels, concrete, and even fish food. The concept is attractive but it faces multiple obstacles before it […]

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Squeezing Every Cent from a Barrel of Oil

A barrel of oil is no longer a leaky cask. Rather, it is an economic concept.

As a result, creating value along the supply chain has evolved from streamlining operations to exploiting operational and commercial synergies. The emphasis has shifted from vertical integration and expertise in specialized energy sectors to a tightly coordinated system in which every opportunity to increase profit margins is pursued. The agile system has the potential to quickly address supply-and-demand imbalances through access to energy storage and […]

Upcycled Food Is Trending


More than one third of the global food production is lost or wasted.

This is a serious problem with humanitarian, economic, and environmental implications. Inadequate handling, storage, and distribution result in food losses while limited shelf life and spoilage of perishable products contribute to food waste. One solution to the problem is the design of new products from waste and byproducts of food processing. The market success of these new products depends on their appeal to consumers and their price.


Video […]

Tesla Is Revving Up for its Entry into the Indian Market


Elon Musk has been teasing Tesla’s fans in India with an imminent market entry.

Tesla’s CEO has targeted the Indian market for a few years. Currently, there are several conditions favorable to making the electric vehicles (EV) in India. Initially, Musk might consider exporting vehicles from its manufacturing base in neighboring China to satisfy demand in India. Irrespective of the location, the car company will have to reduce its costs significantly in order to be a viable contender in India’s EV […]

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