Repurposing Unused Capacity for Vaccination Sites

Mall retail store vacancies are at historic highs of 10.5%.  Meanwhile, vaccination sites require significant parking spaces near major transportation routes, with room for a large number of vaccinated patients to wait the required 15 minutes after treatment while under observation for allergic reactions.  Colder weather makes indoor facilities ideal for this 15-minute waiting period.

Empty mall space is an ideal solution for local health departments to utilize for vaccine administration.  As such, mall owners across the country have been partnering […]

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Sally the Salad Robot

Are you missing your self-serve salad bar because of the pandemic?  Maybe technology can get you the salad of your dreams.

Chowbotics has created a self-serve salad robot called Sally The Salad Robot.   Sally can be filled with 22 canisters of various items, with over 150 ingredients that are approved for the containers.   Through a touch screen, the user can combine these 22 ingredients into a variety of feature salads, grain bowls, yogurt bowls, and snacks.  Over 1,000 possible bowls can […]

Boston Beer Recycles Beer from Expired Kegs

In the week of April 11th, beer sales rose by 11.6%.  However, not everything is rosy for beer producers.

The increase in retail sales has been offset by reduced sales to restaurants and bars that are shuttered during this pandemic.  So, beer producers have a mismatch between packaged beer and kegs.  They will need to change their production scheduling to reflect the shift in demand between packaged beer and kegs.

An additional problem is that many beer producers are receiving back expired […]

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Toilet Paper: A Potential Bullwhip Example

Toilet paper demand from retailers is up 25% due to the pandemic.

Even though manufacturers are already operating their mills 24/7, the capacity may be constrained as the workforce is reduced to prevent the virus spread.

Demand may or may not be an issue, depending how long the panic buying associated with the pandemic lasts.  As of the date of this post, most retailers reported being able to resupply stores from their warehouses.  Some manufacturers are shipping directly to retailers to cut […]

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