Mercedes-Benz Monitors Sustainability with Blockchain

Mercedes-Benz is piloting a blockchain to monitor sustainability across their supply chain.

This blockchain will deal with sustainability issues that are part of its suppliers’ contracts.  Contract obligations include working condition, human rights, environmental protection, safety, and business ethics.

The blockchain will provide transparency throughout the entire supply chain on issues of sustainability.  If a sub-supplier deviates from one of the standards, it should become visible in the blockchain.

This post is based on the CIPS Supply Management article,

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New Player in Food Blockchain

The World Wildlife Fund-Australia has distributed a supply chain tool using blockchain that can help make tracking of food items transparent.  The tool uses QR codes that are distributed to client corporations to facilitate tracking.

Video Spotlight: Bait to Plate: Using Blockchain in the Tuna Industry

This post is based on the Coin Telegraph article, WWF Launches Blockchain Tool to Track Food Along Supply Chain, by William Suberg, January 17, 2019; and the […]

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