Virtual You – Coming Soon

Imagine using cloud supported technology and mixed reality headsets to create a virtual you, capable of using your own voice to deliver flawless speeches in languages you don’t actually speak!

This technology was recently showcased by Microsoft.  While the technology is currently expensive and requires some changes or improvements to be a reality in the business world, it holds interesting promise for the future of video conferencing, making it even more versatile and realistic than ever before.

Other companies have various holographic […]

Project Management: AI and Human Synergy

A new study by Gartner reports that by 2030, 80% of a typical project manager’s tasks will be done via automation and artificial intelligence. This type of program and portfolio management (PPM) software is expected to begin appearing later this year.

Specifically, the study says AI can collect, analyze, and report data much more quickly than people.  Also, rather than using their keyboard and mouse, project managers can more easily query and interface software via chatbots and […]

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Domino’s Expands Use of Virtual Ordering

Domino’s is trying out an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to take phone orders.

Domino’s ordering assistant, “Dom”, has been available on smartphone apps since 2014, and has been very successful as part of the phone app, allowing customers to place voice orders.  Using voice commands provides a hands-free methods of placing an order.

Dom also exists as a chatbot on Facebook and on Domino’s webpage.  Now, Domino’s is moving this technology to phone orders with a limited test introduction.

This post is based […]

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