Fully-Autonomous Restaurant in San Francisco

Mezli, which just opened its first restaurant in August 2022, utilizes technology to bring healthy Mediterranean grain bowls to the market.

The initial restaurant is fully-autonomous and housed in a 20-foot shipping container. Their Mediterranean bowls are priced to be affordable, with the flagship bowls starting at $6.99. A Michelin-starred chef assisted with the creation of their menu.

The process begins each day at Mezli’s central kitchen with food preparation. Food is then delivered to the restaurant. Robots at the restaurant receive customer […]

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Fast Food Changes

Fast food restaurants have made several changes, spurred by the needs of their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the major changes has been to focus on automation.

An example of automation is the use of apps for ordering. Many restaurants are encouraging customers to order through apps. However, this presents problems in filling orders—specifically getting the food to the customers. In many cases, customers must go through the traditional drive-thru lane—frustrating customers with what is perceived to be unnecessary […]

Angola’s New Last Mile Delivery App

One large pig to go? No problem.  For $124, an African start-up called Tupuca will deliver it to your doorstep.

Prefer a medium sized chicken?  That will be $5, please.

With Tupuca’s app, customers in Luanda, Angola can order a diverse array of products, including coal, fuel, produce, and even live animals like chickens, pigs, or goats.  At present, an average size order is around $40, and Tupuca’s 140 drivers make about 17,000 deliveries each month.

This post is based on the APICS […]

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