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Strategy, Capacity and Quality

It’s your OM in the News roundup! Follow the links to recent posts from our faculty contributors, including thoughtful questions for class discussion.

In this edition, we look at an airport’s struggle to find new business, and China’s climb up the quality ladder.

What To Do with an Empty Airport?
Crowded airports aren’t much fun for travelers, but Memphis International Airport is dealing with the opposite problem: not enough business. Management is seeking ways to bring in more business, including live blues music. Read more…

Made in China: From Scary Bad to Scary Good
It can take years to overcome a bad reputation for major brands, but China has put in the time, and their products are ubiquitous in the marketplace. It’s a perfect storm of factors which have helped China climb the quality ladder. Read more…

Image source: Shutterstock / XiXinXing

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What to Do with an Empty Airport?
Made in China: From Scary Bad to Scary Good