Star Wars Hotel: Servicescape at Galaxy’s Edge

March 25, 2019
Star Wars Hotel: Servicescape at Galaxy’s Edge

Have you heard about Galaxy’s Edge?

Starting in 2019, customers can have an immersive experience at a new attraction, available at both Disney resorts in the US.  At this Star Wars hotel, customers can wear costumes and role play their way through a two-day stay. The adventure entails an unfolding narrative event, where participants interact with characters, and technology enhances the surreal experience.  Meals may be served by robots also.

A lot of details remain under wraps as Disney finishes constructing a new attraction that will be out of this world, but keep an eye on the Disney blog for news.

Video Spotlight: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Behind the Scenes at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort

This post is based on the Disney blog post, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Open May 31 at Disneyland Resort, August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios by Thomas Smith, March 7, 2019; the Picture The Mage site, Star Wars Hotel; and the YouTube video, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Behind the Scenes at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, by Disney Parks, December 25, 2018. Image source: Shutterstock / Algol

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe the servicescape Disney could possibly create for the new hotel.

Guidance: Students should review servicescape and service package concepts first.  Then, have students do a web search of current Disney resorts and theme parks (if they have not been to one).  If students have not seen a Star Wars movie, have them perform an internet search for basic overviews of the movies.  Finally, have students consider all the possible details that could be part of a service package at this resort, to include the servicescape.

2. How should Disney handle customers that do not wish to role play or be in costume? Why is this a potential issue?

Guidance: Review service encounter and service failure recovery concepts. Students should consider that not everyone will dress in costume or play a part at the resort.

What service recovery options will Disney need to address?  Guide students to better understand that should enough customers balk at the costumes/role play game, then the immersive concept itself could be jeopardized for the remaining customers.

How can Disney control for this situation?  Students should come to realize that Disney might need to consider having customers commit to the immersive experience in some manner before check-in.

What types of controls could be put in place to insure a good experience by the vast majority of customers?  These questions should allow for discussion of service encounter design and service recovery.


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