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September 18, 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to another OM in the News roundup! Here’s what we’ve been blogging about lately. All posts include videos and discussion prompts for supply chain and OM classes.

In Search of the Perfect T-Shirt Made in the U.S.A.
According to one of Buck Mason’s founders, “there is nothing more essential to the American wardrobe than a white tee.”   Read more…

Demand for AI Chips Leads to Unbalanced Supply Chain
NVIDIA and Meta demand for chips and memory have caused an order backlog for SK hynix.   Read more…

The Broken Promises of the Patent System
In the US, a patent protects an inventor by preventing others to manufacture, sell, or use the invention for 20 years.  Read more…

Search our archive of hundreds of articles and videos at OM in the News! Individual posts are on the All Articles page, indexed by textbook chapters and keywords.

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The Broken Promises of the Patent System
Dollar General Dual DC To Serve 1,000 Stores