P&G’s New Waterless Cleaners: Big Ideas in Small Packages

Ten years in the making, revolutionary new DS3 cleaning products by Procter and Gamble are liquid-free and have no plastic packaging.

Personal care products like body wash, hand soap, and shampoo as well as home cleaners like laundry soap and toilet cleansers are sold in dry packets.

The removal of water reduces the weight of the product by 80% and the space by 70%, offering sustainability as well as convenience for home use or travel.  Eight DS3 products are due to be in stores in late 2019.

This post is based on the Cincinnati Business Courier article, P&G launching liquid-free cleaning products for home and body, by Barrett Brunsman, December 31, 2018; and the Global Cosmetics News article, P&G to launch waterless, plastic-free beauty brand DS3, by Georgina Caldwell, January 1, 2019. Image source: McGraw-Hill Education.

Discussion Questions:

1. How does the new waterless design relate to sustainability?

Guidance: Since the packets are lighter and smaller, shipping costs and storage space are reduced.  Additionally, the products contain fewer chemicals than those typically used in home cleaners and no unnecessary ingredients.  For instance, these cleaners have no chlorine-based bleaches or phosphates.  Biodegradable and recyclable packaging also add to the environmental value of the new products.  Finally, since the products are smaller due to the removal of water, they require fewer packaging materials, thus saving on packaging costs.

2. What competitive advantages are offered to the consumer, in addition to the value of added sustainability?

Guidance: In addition to satisfying the desire that many consumers have for purchasing more  environmentally-friendly products, the DS3 products require less storage space in consumers’ homes.

For travel, they offer the added convenience of no spillage, leakage, or worries about going through airport security checks, where liquids are restricted to three ounces or less.

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Mohammed Smidi
Mohammed Smidi
1 year ago

The waterless DS3 cleaning products by Procter and Gamble have a sustainable design that reduces shipping costs and storage space. They are 80% lighter and occupy 70% less space due to the removal of water, resulting in less packaging materials being used. These products also contain fewer chemicals, such as chlorine-based bleaches and phosphates, making them more environmentally friendly. The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, the DS3 products offer competitive advantages to consumers, including requiring less storage space in homes, providing convenience and decluttering options. For travelers, the liquid-free design eliminates worries about spillage, leakage, and compliance with airport… Read more »

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