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Nissan Going All-Electric in Europe

Nissan is going all-electric in Europe by 2030.

The company’s all-electric future plans are undergirded by “Concept 20-23”, a sporty urban fun-to-drive city electric vehicle.  The Concept 20-23 has many performance enhancements (e.g., cobalt-free tech to reduce battery costs) and next-gen design features (e.g., circular LED headlights, butterfly doors, etc.) that may help shape the future of automobiles.

Video Spotlight:  

This post is based on the Electrek article, Nissan unveils new sporty urban EV concept as it goes all-electric in Europe, by Peter Johnson, September 25, 2023, and the YouTube video in the spotlight.  Image source: REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

Discussion Questions:

1. Explain Nissan’s all-electric plan from a sustainability strategy perspective.

Guidance: A sustainability strategy provides businesses with plans for achieving environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient operations.  Nissan’s “Concept 20-23” electric vehicle undergirds its all-electric future plans with the goal of improving its carbon footprint by replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with electric ones.

2. What product design features of Nissan’s Concept 20-23 vehicles give the company a competitive edge?

Guidance: Nissan’s Concept 20-23 has such design features as cobalt-free tech to reduce battery costs and a solid-state battery to improve battery capacity and improve the performance of the vehicle.  It also has many next-gen design features (e.g., LED headlights, butterfly doors, etc.).  Nissan believes these design features could help propel them into a leadership position in the electric vehicle industry.

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