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NFL and CBS Prep for Super Bowl LVIII

One of the biggest events of the year is the Super Bowl.

The 2024 Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVIII) will be held in Las Vegas on February 11th, at Allegiant Stadium. Las Vegas has hosted some of the biggest events from prize fights to entertainment. However, this could be the biggest event ever in Las Vegas, and is the first time the city has hosted the Super Bowl.

Preparation begins far in advance for many organizations including the NFL and CBS. Although the NFL plays games on a regular basis, and CBS broadcasts them, the Super Bowl is different. It’s not just a football game, it’s an event, and easily the biggest event of the year for both organizations.

Fan activities begin about two weeks before the Game. For 2024, CBS is planning more than 100 hours of programing, including an alternate broadcast for children with slime and substantial graphics.

The NFL and CBS started transforming the Las Vegas Strip more than a month in advance, closing many roads for preparation and for Super Bowl activities. They are constructing four stages over the Fountains at the Bellagio. These stages will be used for various news and entertainment shows. CBS even developed the intro for Super Bowl LVIII months in advance.

From pre-game activities in Las Vegas, to the broadcast of the game, to the half-time show, to teams preparing for the game, to the neighborhood Super Bowl party, substantial preparation goes into the Super Bowl. And, Las Vegas, along with the NFL and CBS, intends to make it one of the biggest and most successful events ever.

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Discussion Questions:

1. What operations management techniques should the NFL and CBS use to manage their involvement in the Super Bowl?

Guidance: The Super Bowl is treated as a unique, one-time event. The use of project planning techniques is appropriate. The project begins with the selection of the Super Bowl site 3-6 years before the event.

2. What other organizations need to plan for the Super Bowl?

Guidance: A variety of organizations are preparing for the Super Bowl.

Airlines, such as American Airlines, are adding more flights. Local restaurants and hotels are preparing for the people attending the Super Bowl.

The stadium’s preparations for the event will probably include increased press credentials issued, as well as greater demand for data access. Also, the Super Bowl is known for its halftime show, which requires significant planning.

Advertisers need to develop commercials, as new commercials are often introduced at the Super Bowl.

The city needs to be involved as some of the preparation and activities will close streets.

Even organizations not directly tied to the event will be impacted, such as potato chip makers that will have higher sales as a result of the event, or increased sales of televisions before the Big Game.

3. What should the NFL do to have a successful Super Bowl?

Guidance: The list is large, but the keys are planning and coordination. The event will not be successful without a good project plan, and coordination is important given the number of organizations involved. The coordination between the NFL and CBS is of extra importance to ensure a great experience not just for the fans at the event, but also for those watching at home.

4. Are you planning a Super Bowl Party? If so, what planning should be done for the party?

Guidance: In 2020, 46% of the US population hosted or attended a Super Bowl Party. Preparations vary from less complex—letting friends and family know and suggesting they contribute food or drinks—to the very elaborate, where parties are planned around Super Bowl themed food, decorations, and games.

Obviously, these more elaborate parties could benefit from some project planning techniques. Helpful sources include Good Housekeeping for party ideas, and Delish for recipes.

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